About Gift A Life Campaign

There has been a gap in between the people who have already fought with COVID-19 and are ready to help others fight this deadly virus by donating their plasma and patients looking for a donor to win this battle. Looking to bridge this gap, we started ‘GiftALife’. Through this campaign we aim to encourage patients who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their blood plasma to help patients who are fighting their battle against COVID-19.

We were running this campaign offline, but decided to go online to have a wider reach and accessibility to the patients and the donor as well.

There are other pan India websites already, but due to the large number of patients, they are unable to keep up with the requirements. We’ve come up with this campaign exclusively to serve the people of Telangana.

There is no monetary benefit behind the campaign. Our motive is to save as many lives as possible.

We understand the social stigma surrounding the disease and hence, we keep all the details of donors & patients confidential.

Previously, while working offline, we received numerous calls from patients in need, but the lack of donors has held us back from helping them. In these difficult times everyone must come forward to save as many lives as possible. Everyone should behave responsibly and spread awareness about it’s importance. Together we can win this battle against COVID-19, which has effected the whole world.

‘A life gifted to one person is like gifting life to one’s family.’